Christina Ricucci


Christina Ricucci is an alternative singer-songwriter based in LA, whose music is a reflection of her career as an actress. She pulls from an endless source of inspiration in her songwriting, whether it’s life experiences, pain and love or happiness, poetry and, of course, art.

In 2019, Christina Ricucci was the featured vocalist on ‘Nowhere Near’, an award-winning soundtrack for a film, exploring dark pop realms, weaving piano ballad sonics with gritty and contemporary production. Now she has her heart set on her own artistry, combining her love of music with visual storytelling for her debut EP, written and performed by Christina.

The first installment of her upcoming project is ‘Ophelia’, inspired by the renowned John Everett Millais painting. Magnetically drawn to the woman in the painting, Elizabeth Siddel, the wife of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Christina was inspired to bring the painting’s essence to life through song.

Remarkably, Dante Gabriel Rossetti is a distant relative of Christina’s, a serendipitous connection that perhaps explains her fascination with this piece of art. Christina has plans to release her debut EP in late 2024.






LA-based artist, Christina Ricucci, releases emotionally filled “Ophelia” produced by Rossetti

(Los Angeles- March 22, 2024) Fresh new finds are really all this generation craves. But there are new voices who speak volumes, blurring generational lines, and captivating souls. That voice is Christina Ricucci. She has just released her debut single, “Ophelia,” inspired by the John Everett Malias (1851) painting (pictured below). With haunting, minimal vocals, Christina gets to the point and delivers her message with conviction. The song is emotionally drenched and visceral in its arrangement, compliments of, Rossetti.

“I was magnetically drawn to the woman in the painting. Her emotion, beauty & suffering was something tangible I could relate to. And being a big Shakespeare fan, I knew I wanted to create something inspired by this.,” Christina says.

She teamed up with her brother, Rossetti, an up-and-coming producer/artist based in Nashville, TN. The siblings’ bond is deeply interwoven in their creation and development of Christina’s sound. Not only are we getting an elevated, romantic version of what we are hearing from the obvious parallel mainstream act, Billie and Finneas, but we’re left wanting more. “Ophelia” is a stunning debut, with captivating visuals.

For listeners of mainstream visionaries like Billie Eilish, Sinead Harnett, Björk, LORDE and more. Christina is able to easily cut through the noise and reach listeners who are just as introspective and self-empowered as she is.